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Raw Responsibility: A Guide To Purchasing Raw Denim

When you think of denim, you might picture faded blue jeans that have been detailed and distressed to achieve that vintage look. But have you ever stopped to think about the environmental impact of those pre-distressed jeans? It’s quite shocking when you realize that it takes approximately 15 gallons of water to pre-distress just one pair of jeans before it hits the shelves. That’s a staggering amount, considering the global water crisis and the urgent need for sustainable fashion alternatives. It’s time to get raw about our responsibility as consumers!
Raw denim stands out as the most sustainable choice when it comes to purchasing denim. Unlike pre-distressed denim, raw denim skips the water-intensive distressing process altogether. This means that from the moment it’s woven on the loom to the day you slip into a pair of raw denim jeans, it hasn’t undergone any artificial treatments. Still curious about raw denim? Take a look at this quick informational video. Overall, this process translates to significant water savings and a reduced carbon footprint, making raw denim a clear winner in the sustainability department.

How do you go about getting your hands on a pair of raw denim jeans? It’s all about making informed choices as a consumer. Opting for brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices is key. Look for labels that use organic cotton, employ fair labor practices, and minimize waste in their production processes. The slow-fashion European brand Tenue de Nimes is a great place to start! We should note that raw denim can typically range on the high end and is seen as an investment purchase. We recommend taking a look at thrift stores or Facebook Marketplace to find a pair of pre-loved raw denim jeans. Additionally, consider supporting local artisans or small businesses that handcraft raw denim garments with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

Once you’ve acquired your raw denim jeans, the next step is breaking them in. Unlike pre-distressed denim that comes ready to wear, raw denim requires a bit of patience and effort to achieve that perfect fit and personalized fade. Wear your raw denim regularly and embrace the journey as the fabric molds to your body and develops unique creases and fades over time. Use this helpful guide to ensure your jeans remain in good shape. Avoid washing your raw denim too frequently – instead, spot clean when necessary and hang them out to air between wears. When it’s finally time for a wash, opt for the GreenEarth Cleaning process for a gentle clean without compromising the integrity of the garment’s fit and coloring. Find a GreenEarth Affiliate near you to explore your options!

In conclusion, the environmental benefits of raw denim are undeniable. By skipping the water-intensive distressing process, raw denim conserves precious resources and reduces pollution, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious consumers. By supporting brands that prioritize sustainability and adopting mindful care practices, we can all play a part in promoting a more environmentally friendly fashion industry. Next time you’re in the market for a new pair of denim jeans, consider getting raw – your wardrobe and the planet will thank you for it.

Author: Ayanna Russell

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