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Record Attendance at GreenEarth West Coast Workshop »

In addition to DLI’s Brian Johnson speaking at the GreenEarth West Coast Summit, much more took place that we wanted to share with you. More than 100 people attended GreenEarth’s latest weekend workshop and conference May 6 & 7th in Sonoma, California. Traveling from places as far away as North Carolina, New York, and Israel, GreenEarth Affiliates spent the weekend at the Lodge at Sonoma learning about customer service techniques, machine maintenance and programming optimization, filtration options, spotting techniques, cutting edge technologies for mobile phone marketing and cost effective brand building. GreenEarth Affiliates were able to tap into the collective experience of representatives from detergent and spotting chemical companies such as Adco, A.L. Wilson, Fabritec, Seitz, and Streets. Also in attendance were representatives from the machine manufacturers Union, Realstar, Multimatic and Columbia, as well as, industry associations such as the California Cleaners Association (CCA) and the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI). This is the third weekend workshop offered by GreenEarth, hosted at no charge to all of GreenEarth’s licensed Affiliates and vendor Select Partners. “We find, as do our Affiliates, that this chance to come together in a comfortable setting to exchange ideas and keep abreast of industry innovation and initiatives is just invaluable,” said Tim Maxwell, President of GreenEarth Cleaning. A memorable highlight of the conference was the wonderful job done by the Cassasa family, which hosted the Friday sessions in their extraordinary Marin Cleaners plant. Machine representatives from Multimatic, Realstar, Union and Columbia demonstrated immersion and non immersion processes and their benefits using the GreenEarth system. There was also great collaboration from the various detergent partners, with everyone working together to help “sharpen the tools” of GreenEarth Affiliates.

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