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Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Closet

There it is again- you refresh your wardrobe yet again with trendy new clothes, only to find you’ve become bored after a few wears. We understand, the allure of fast fashion can be hard to resist, especially with fashion cycles shortening and social media influencers flaunting the newest garments. But, the relentless cycle ends now and we’re going to give you tips on just exactly how to end it. With these 4 easy habits to practice, you’ll give your wardrobe a much needed refresh. Not only will these habits increase the longevity of your clothing, but promote sustainability.

At GreenEarth, we’re passionate about garment care and helping you prioritize aftercare to extend the longevity of your clothes. So before you head to the mall for a new fit this Fall, try out a few of these simple tips you can easily add to your routine.


De-Pill Your Sweaters

Fall is quickly approaching and sweaters are a quick fix to remain warm this season! However, they often fall victim to pilling and looking tattered. The good news is that you can easily revive your sweaters with a simple tool – a fabric shaver. You can find this cool tool online and in stores to remove those annoying pills, bringing your sweater back to life. If you’re in a pinch, you can carefully use a razor. InStyle explains how to de-pill your sweaters with this quick tutorial.

This easy at-home solution can bring your favorite sweaters and knitwear renewed and rejuvenated. De-pilling can make a world of a difference in the longevity of your sweaters, but also save money and reduce the need to buy a new sweater each season.

Hang Dry Your Clothes 

One of the simplest and most effective ways to extend the life of your clothing is by adopting the habit of hang drying. Tossing your garments into the dryer may seem convenient, but it can be harsh on fabrics, causing them to fade, shrink, or lose their shape prematurely. Instead, invest in a good quality drying rack during the colder seasons or utilize the natural drying power of a clothesline when appropriate.

Hang drying not only reduces energy consumption but also prevents wear and tear on your clothes. It’s a small change that can make a significant impact on your clothing’s lifespan and the environment. Plus, you can avoid the dryer sheets that come with added chemicals and toxins that can be harmful to your skin.


Purchase a Steamer

Picture this- you’re heading out to meet with friends or to a meeting, and as you go to reach for your shirt, you realize it’s a crumpled mess. You begin to frantically reach for the iron even though you don’t have the time! Let me guess, you’ve been in this situation before? Instead of choosing a new shirt altogether, I’d think about investing in a steamer. Steamers are a beginner friendly tool to take care of your garments. Steamers are a gentle and easy way to remove wrinkles, refresh fabrics, and eliminate odors. They work wonders on delicate materials like silk, ensuring your clothes stay as close to its original condition as possible.

Purchasing a steamer is a sustainable choice that saves you time and money by keeping your clothes in top-notch condition. And bonus, you no longer need to deal with the dreaded iron. 


Pack Away Your Seasonal Wardrobe

Have you ever noticed that you tend to reach for the same garments in your closet, leaving others untouched for months or even years? It’s time to break that cycle and practice seasonal wardrobe rotation. At the beginning of each season, take an evening to go through your wardrobe and decide what to pack away. Before putting away seasonal items for long term-storage, have them dry cleaned. Dry clean with a green mind by finding a GreenEarth Affiliate near you to remove visible and invisible stains.

By doing this, you not only rediscover forgotten gems in your closet but also give your clothes a break from constant wear, helping them maintain their quality. It’s like shopping in your own closet each season without spending a dime!


All in all, refreshing your closet this season doesn’t have to mean indulging in fast fashion this season. Everything you need is already in your closet! By implementing these 4 easy habits like de-pilling your sweaters, hang drying your garments, purchasing a steamer, and storing your seasonal wardrobe, you can promote sustainability and increase the longevity of your wardrobe. At GreenEarth, we’re here to support your eco-conscious fashion choices and help you enjoy a sustainable, yet stylish closet for years to come.


About the author: Ayanna is a part of GreenEarth’s social media team and assists Affiliates with platform engagement while forming brand identity. She majored in Communications at Ontario Tech University and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. In her free time she enjoys thrifting and practicing yoga.


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