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Enhancing Retail Brands With Exceptional Garment Care

GreenEarth Cleaning offers a quality aftercare solution for fashion retailers, emphasizing the longevity and pristine condition of garments. Utilizing our innovative liquid silicone-based cleaning technology, we provide an eco-friendly yet highly effective alternative to traditional methods, ensuring garments retain their color vibrancy, texture integrity, and original fit. By partnering with us, retailers can connect with our global network of expert dry cleaners, showcasing a commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. This collaboration not only enhances the value proposition of retail brands but also aligns with the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible and high-quality garment care.

Discover The Difference

Discover the Benefits Of GreenEarth Cleaning

Take advantage of our aftercare solutions to enhance the longevity and sustainability of your garments.

Garment Testing

Support your garment's quality and durability by utilizing our assistance in coordinating comprehensive testing services.

Industry Recognition

Join our network of retail brands and gain recognition for your commitment to environmentally-friendly aftercare practices.

Aftercare Labeling

Add our GreenEarth logo to your aftercare labels to showcase your commitment to sustainable cleaning.

Expert Advice

Get access to our team of experts who can provide guidance on the best aftercare solutions for your garments and textiles.

A Solution for All The Fabrics Of Life

Ornate Details

Beads, sequins, paillettes, and ornamentation made of plastic, metal, or glass.

Luxurious Trims

Leather, fur, faux fur trims, sleeves, and bodices.

Diverse Materials

Vinyl, rubber, elastic, acetate, triacetate, polyurethane, silk, natural skins, and plasticizers.

Specialized Items

Sizing, specialty linings, fabric coatings, backings, mixed fiber constructions, vibrant colors, graphic prints, and more.

GreenEarth Cleaning: Your Partner in Circular Fashion

GreenEarth Cleaning is uniquely positioned to support the diverse needs of the circular fashion industry, catering to businesses with in-house dry cleaning facilities, those outsourcing, and companies focused on revitalizing used clothing.

In-House Dry Cleaning Solutions: We offer proprietary, eco-friendly cleaning solutions for businesses managing their own garment care. Our liquid silicone-based technology is tailored to preserve the integrity and extend the lifespan of garments, essential for maintaining the quality of subscription service offerings and in-house cared collections.

Global Affiliate Network: Businesses looking to outsource their dry cleaning can leverage our network of over 1800 Affiliates, which include renowned names like Martinizing, Lapels, Oxxo Care Cleaners, and Johnson Cleaners just to name a few. These Affiliates utilize GreenEarth Cleaning’s standards, ensuring consistent, high-quality garment care across all locations.

Restoration of Used Clothing: We support companies in the circular economy that buy and restore used and vintage clothing. Our advanced cleaning technologies are adept at rejuvenating pre-loved garments, ensuring they meet high standards of cleanliness and quality for resale, upcycling and donations, restoring its glory for its new owner.

GreenEarth Cleaning is dedicated to advancing sustainable practices in fashion, offering a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of the entire circular fashion ecosystem. Join us in our commitment to a greener future in fashion.

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