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Roll out the Green Carpet!

Roll out the Green Carpet!

By: Garry Knox

Ethics and sustainability are words that are often used in most businesses including the Fashion business. But is this a tick box exercise or are there organizations that truly have a sense or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in everything they do?

In the future, I will be shining a spotlight on companies that do have CSR running through the core of their business strategy. Please do let me know if there is a company that deserves to shine in the spotlight!

The spotlight this time is shared between three entities that are linked together – Take one celebrity, one clothing manufacturer and one challenge and this is what you get…

At the recent premier of her latest film “‘Regression'”, Emma Watson (Of Harry Potter fame) took the “Green Carpet Challenge” – this is the brain child of “Eco Age” and encourages celebrities to take to the Green Carpet rather than the Red Carpet, by wearing an outfit by designers that use no fur or chemicals that could harm the environment.

Emma achieved this by wearing an outfit from her very own line designed in conjunction with “People Tree”; sustainability and fair trade fashion are at the heart of everything that they do.

Since the premier, Emma has continued to wear an outfit from the collection to every premier in every country, from a rail that “includes designers that are considering local craft and production, artisan skills, the environment, sustainability and the longevity of fashion!”

All that’s needed now is a recommendation of using GreenEarth as the most environmentally form of aftercare and they’re good to go!

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