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Ryan Hames Continues the Expansion of Martinizing Dry Cleaning in their Ohio Market.



Ryan Hames, the owner of Martinizing Dry Cleaning in Westerville, OH, added his second Ohio location
in January with the purchase of LA Cleaners, also located in Westerville. This expansion makes a total of
four Martinizing Dry Cleaning locations owned and operated by the Hames family, all of which are
GreenEarth Affiliates.

The Hames family has been in the dry cleaning business since 1996, with Dick Hames opening his first
location in Gahanna, OH. His sons, Ryan and Eric followed in their father’s footsteps, with Eric opening
the New Albany, OH, location in 2001, and Ryan opening the Westerville location on Polaris Parkway in
2004. The Polaris Parkway location was the Hames family’s first location to be designed around using
GreenEarth ‘s Optimized Cleaning System from the start. After seeing the benefits of Ryan’s investment
in an environmentally non-toxic cleaning product, Eric moved to GreenEarth Cleaning for his New Albany
location in 2015.

In April 2022, after the landlord of the Gahanna location expressed the desire to protect his property and
the environment by eliminating hazardous chemicals, Dick and store manager, Jennifer Hames decided it
was time to make the move to GreenEarth Cleaning. They knew investing in GreenEarth was the only

The Hames family now owns and operates four GreenEarth Affiliate locations; Gahanna, New Albany,
and two Westerville locations. Additionally, they bring environmentally friendly cleaning right to people’s
doors with home delivery services across the entire
north end of Columbus, from Gahanna to Hilliard.

For more information, call:
Ryan Hames
(614) 313-9490

(614) 899-7933 * 528 Polaris Pkwy * Westerville, Ohio *

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