GreenEarth Cleaning

SeaClear Pre-qualification

In order for a machine to be eligible, the drain pipe must be at least 12 inches off of the floor.

This is measured from the floor to the bottom of the drain pipe coming out of the back of the washing machine.  Please list only the eligible machines in the form below.  If you have questions regarding this measurment we are glad to send a diagram.

If you have no machines that conform to this requirement, unfortunately, you would not qualify for the beta. There is no need to fill out the form, but please email to inform.

  • We can connect the SeaClear Filter to both laundry washers and wet cleaning machines. Do not include small home laundry machines.
  • Example: Unimac UWT065D4
  • Example: 65 lb max wash capacity (not what you typically load to)
  • Example: 20 loads per week on the washing machine, 15 loads per week on the wet cleaning machine, etc.
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