GreenEarth Cleaning


SEPTEMBER 07, 2015

“SGS”, in partnership with GreenEarth Cleaning LLC, is pleased to announce the new SGS Global Softlines garment dry cleaning testing service using the GreenEarth dry cleaning system. The system uses a process that is based on cyclic-siloxane, and is the only patented dry cleaning technology that uses this proprietary silicone solvent.1 This is an innovative, environmentally friendly dry cleaning method, that is more sustainable and effective than existing systems, ensuring delicate articles can be cleaned without being harmed.

As an independent third-party laboratory, SGS will offer dry cleaning testing using the official GreenEarth solvent and the proprietary cleaning system to assess the appearance and dimensional stability of the garment. SGS will also offer a consultancy service to evaluate the suitability of this new dry cleaning process on garments and textile products, assuring that a garment remains presentable after being dry cleaned with this method.

The silicone dry cleaning agent offered by GreenEarth Cleaning LLC serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional dry cleaning solvent of perchloroethylene (also known as ‘perc’), that is commonly used in today’s dry cleaning industry. This silicone-based dry cleaning agent is a clear, odourless, hypoallergenic solvent used in a close-loop system that degrades into silica, trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide within days of disposal. This is a more sustainable option to the ‘perc’ solvent, which is listed in California as a chemical known to be carcinogenic and repro-toxic.

“The GreenEarth dry cleaning system is a great innovation that runs at the forefront of the textile industry to improve sustainability. As sustainability is a core ethos of SGS, we support this innovation and are very proud to be partnering with GreenEarth Cleaning to deliver value to the industry by promoting and offering this testing solution as an environmentally responsible alternative,” said Mr. Spencer Yeung, Vice-President of SGS Global Softlines.

For more information about the dry cleaning test using the GreenEarth solvent, please contact your SGS sales representative or visit our technical publication Safeguards.

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