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Snedicor’s: 100 years and counting

Snedicor’s: 100 years and counting

Oh, how the times have changed in the dry cleaning business over the years.

A century ago, working in a dry cleaners business was tantamount to toiling in a bomb factory.

Drop a cupful of kerosene-based cleaning solvent into your machine and boom! Your little piece of heaven, um…workstation, exploded into pieces.

Jim Gilligan, owner of Snedicor’s GreenEarth Dry Cleaners, discovered that tidbit of history while researching his company’s history in Howell.

Snedicor’s, under Gilligan’s command for the past 28 years, is celebrating its centennial this year.

“I think it’s a testament to this company’s commitment to quality and customer service,” Gilligan said Friday. “Although we’ve been through many changes in the industry and in society, the core belief of this business has been to provide outstanding quality and customer service.”

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