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How Does Your Storefront Look?

Aaron newport_Storefront

By: Aaron Newport

With the Holiday season among us and the millions of shoppers who will be out and about passing by your storefront, it is a good time to take notice. In the hustle and bustle of running a business and keeping your customers satisfied, it is easy to lose site of your storefront, which can quickly become outdated. The days, the weeks, the months, the years pass by and you have been so busy. You come in and out of your store so often it is all a blur, just a blank canvas.

Take a minute, step back, and try to see your store through the eyes of a passerby, a potential new customer. Regardless of what type of business you are running, your storefront is the first thing a customer sees of your store in person. Anymore, your first impression is typically going to be your online presence. But that does not mean you can not win new customers by wowing them with a beautiful storefront, or even keep those customers who found you online. Having an interesting storefront can not only bring new customers in your door, it can also help retain your current customer by enhancing your in store customer experience.

There are plenty of ways to stand out with your storefront. Of course keeping the outside looking clean and fresh is a big part of it. If you have a painted building, a fresh paint job every few years is a great idea. Keep the landscape in front of your store looking nice, if you have any. Window prints are a great way to grab someone’s attention. Some beautiful imagery in the window along with a clean slick look is a great start. Make sure not to clutter your storefront with a collection of smaller posters, that is a bit of an eyesore. Your sign is a huge element when designing or redesigning your storefront. You  do not need a huge medal, light up sign. A more slick, elegant sign, as seen in the picture above is a perfect way to go.

You can also get even more creative with 3D window art or digital signage. Digital signage is becoming more and more popular in small retail locations. With the advanced in technology and the multitude of software companies these days, digital signage has become more affordable and easy to program. Digital signage can be used in your lobby for your in store experience, as well as placed in your window as a display. This is a fantastic way to grab passerby attention. I know I am always intrigued by a retail store playing videos or live feeds in the window as a walk by. Who doesn’t pay attention to that? It is not to say that person is immediately going drop everything, come in your store, and spend money. But you grabbed their attention, they noticed your store, and they were impressed. That is invaluable.

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