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Stormy weather, climate change

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather


By: Garry Knox

Over the Christmas or holiday period, the news agenda can be full of good news and bad news stories. To the extent that people like me will often make Christmas day a news free day.

However, this Christmas in the United Kingdom, it was the weather that was making the headlines. Strong winds, high temperatures and record levels of rain fall in one day, truly saw the weather make the main news headlines.

The worst of the weather hit the north of the UK; Scotland, Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire, seeing rivers burst their banks, bridges collapse and worst still a human cost of homelessness and potential risk to life.

So what is the cause behind this? Global warming has been a very much used phrase and in particular the focus has shifted to how the number of trees that have been replaced by houses and insufficient planting of replacement trees and hedgerows is taking place. To the point where a petition has been launched to encourage the Government to review the current and indeed situation.

It has already gathered just under 10,000 signatures, meaning that it needs to be formally acknowledged. Should it receive 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in parliament. Watch this space:

Whatever comes of this, all things point to leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether it’s making more sustainable apparel, recycling rather than sending landfill and fully supporting the most sustainable form of Dry Cleaning, GreenEarth®. Make a difference every day where you can!

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