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Sustainable Customers

Sustainable Customers

By: Ron Benjamin

How can we build a world that is sustainable now?   How can we insure that our children’s children can continue to enjoy today’s world tomorrow?

Recently on October 20th, Professor Lorynn Divita of Baylor University, an author, fashion merchandising expert, textile specialist, and futurist, made the following comment to the National Cleaners Association:

“Today millennials see fast fashion as the #2 polluter behind oil!”

That’s a big statement. And a big view given that the world of fast fashion, where garments are made to be worn just a few times and then disposed of, targets millennials as their customers.

How often do we misread our customers? How often do we give customers what they are really wanting?

Many of today’s customers and tomorrow’s customers seek sustainable goods and services. Millennials are known for their demand for fast response times, easy access to services, minimizing the use of cars and gasoline and wasted travel time, and their concern for a sustainable future.

At GreenEarth we offer a cleaning process that allows for maximized sustainability. Do those customers who seek maximized sustainability know what we offer? And do we make it easy for sustainability seeking customers to access the sustainability we offer—in ways other than driving to our door?

Sustainable operations plus sustainable customers should equal a sustainable future!

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