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Sustainable Gift Ideas

Regardless of the occasion, when giving a gift, the goal is to select something that displays a degree of thoughtfulness. It’s about showing your loved ones that you care and that you’ve considered their tastes or interests. Instead of opting for the same old, carbon-copy presents that line the shelves, let’s explore a realm of gift-giving that combines creativity and sustainability. We have devised a list of sustainable gift ideas that will help inspire you this season.

Thrift Bundles: A Sustainable and Personalized Option

Thrift bundles are a fantastic way to curate a thoughtful, sustainable gift at an affordable cost. They can include a variety of items such as home decor, books, and clothing. Refresh your thrifted garments with the help of a GreenEarth Affiliate near you before gifting. If the recipient has a Pinterest account, browse their boards to get a sense of their aesthetic. This can guide your thrift shopping journey and help you source items that align with their preferences. If you aren’t an experienced thrifter, you can purchase a personalized style bundle from someone online! 

As a fun and inspirational example, check out this Youtube video published by a group of friends doing a thrifted Christmas gift exchange. Following the Secret Santa model, the members drew a name from a hat to determine who will be their recipient. With a set budget of $30 and a month to shop, the friends swapped their unique finds.

Shopping Local: Supporting Small Businesses

Shopping local isn’t merely a trend; it’s a movement that positively impacts your community and local economy. By choosing to buy from small businesses and artisans, you not only find unique and personalized gifts but also contribute to the growth of your neighborhood. Local markets, boutiques, and shops are excellent places to discover one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items. Explore the local scene and experience the joy of discovering hidden gems. Your purchases can make a real difference in the lives of local entrepreneurs and their families.

Upcycling and DIY: Crafty Sustainable Gifts

If you’re feeling crafty or know someone who enjoys DIY projects, consider upcycling as a way to create unique and sustainable gifts. Upcycling involves repurposing second-hand materials to transform the quality or appearance of the original item. For example, old or ill-fitting clothing can be transformed into cozy quilts. You can also refurbish furniture using a can of paint, turning it into a statement piece for a loved one’s home. If you can knit or crochet, use second-hand yarn to add an extra layer of eco-friendliness to your projects.

Here are some simple upcycling and DIY gift ideas:

DIY Candle

Find interesting glassware or ceramics at your local thrift store and transform them into aesthetic candles for a loved one’s space.


Quilt Tutorial

Recycle old textiles by turning them into a quilt using online tutorials.



Rather than purchasing new for your crochet or knitting project, shop secondhand for your yarn!

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