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Sustainable Labels to Look Out For

Sustainable Labels to Look Out For

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By: Tara Clark

Whether you fell in love with sustainable fashion upon purchasing your first pair of hemp harem pants back in the 90s, or you’ve only recently discovered the wonders of a wardrobe without waste, sustainability is becoming more and more fashionable in and of itself. Thankfully Australia is a country with a thriving fashion industry, and where sustainable fashion is increasing in popularity, getting easier and easier to get your hands on.

So if you’re keen on exploring the world of sustainable fashion, here’s my top-three pick of sustainable labels to look out for:

The Fabric Social – Founded by a trio of gender empowerment human rights specialists, The Fabric Social is the ultimate slow fashion label. Their focus is on contributing to sustainable economic development opportunities for skilled female artisans in the conflict affected Assam province of northern India. They work with traditional silk and cotton producers as well as hand weavers to create their Fairtrade garments, pioneering a new wave of economic development that does not rely on charity.

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Etiko – Winner of the 2016 Human Rights Award in the category of Business, the Etiko slogan is simple; Wear no Evil. Kind to both people and the plant, their range of sneakers, flip flops (“thongs” in Aussie) and casual shoes for men, women and children are made from organic cotton and sustainable rubber. Etiko is the first non-food brand in Australasia to be granted Fairtrade certification.

FEB17 Etiko

Eva Cassis – Sydney based designer Eva Cassis has adopted one of the most meticulous approaches to fashion. Her philosophy is ‘slow and humble’, simplifying the design aesthetic and focusing on craftsmanship. All production takes place within 10km of her Sydney studio, and the brand’s sustainability commitment is echoed at every level of production. Everything within the studio that can be reused or recycled, is.

FEB17 Eva Cassis

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