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The Clean Show 2015 “One Industry. One Stage “

The Clean Show 2015 “One Industry. One Stage “

By: Joe Blaha.


Atlanta had not welcomed the dry cleaning industry to the biannual Clean Show since 1987 and it would seem that this pairing was overdue as the numbers of vendors exhibiting and attendees surprised most everyone.

Reported by Riddle & Associates, the show management firm, unofficial attendance for the first day actually exceeded the count for the entirety of the three day show in New Orleans in 2013.

It is commonly felt that our industry is finally seeing growth across the country and the buzz generated by this Clean Show certainly adds additional positive energy.

Action in the GreenEarth booth welcoming both existing Affiliates and those interested in learning more kept everyone hopping.

Attendance for the GreenEarth Affiliates meeting and following reception may have also set records in spite of traffic gridlock and torrential rains that provided challenges for getting around town.

Fortunately, I finally discovered the joy of utilizing my Uber app for hailing rides. I won’t leave home without it now.

I expect the Las Vegas Clean Show 2017 will see continued growth in attendance and I would hope to see you all there!

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