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U.S. House Selects ClassiCleaners to Help ‘Green’ the Capitol »

A few of you requested this past weekend at the Kansas City Workshop that we post this great story about Patrick Dunlap, owner of Classicleaners from Feb 2010 again. So here it is……

U.S. House Selects ClassiCleaners to Help ‘Green’ the Capitol Jason Hicks, Web Editor , American Drycleaner Published 02/23/2010 – 9:43 a.m. CT



WASHINGTON — The U.S. House of Representatives has chosen ClassiCleaners, a GreenEarth Cleaning affiliate, as its new, official “green” drycleaning service provider as part of its Green The Capitol Initiative, an ongoing effort to become a model of sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint. The House chose ClassiCleaners after a rigorous selection process that began in June.

The Green The Capitol program includes everything from “green” roofs to carpooling to “green” purchasing initiatives. In announcing the search for a “green” drycleaning service for the Longworth House Office Building, the House specifically excluded providers who use perc or hydrocarbon solvents. ClassiCleaners, headquartered in Alexandria, Va., has been a GreenEarth affiliate since 2008.

“It’s very exciting being selected,” says Patrick Dunlap, owner of ClassiCleaners. “I know we wouldn’t have gotten our foot in the door without our GreenEarth credentialing. It was clear during the selection process that the U.S. House of Representatives sets a very high bar, and we look forward to meeting and exceeding it.

“We purchased new, more energy-efficient drycleaning machines to complement our switch from perc to GreenEarth. We already use recyclable packaging products as available, and our customers actively participate in our hanger re-use program. We continue to explore ways to expand ClassiCleaners’ ‘green’ initiative.”

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