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well dressed holiday

A Very Well Dressed Holiday

A Very Well Dressed Holiday


By: Joe Blaha

The GreenEarth family of sustainable dry cleaning locations will be sharing traditional holiday cheer with customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

Literally millions of customers can rely on their local GreenEarth provider to consistently offer the finest of care for their holiday outfits. They also can rely on the GreenEarth Cleaning method to operate with the lowest possible overall environmental impact in the industry.

Holiday clothes are often specialty fabrics decorated with sensitive embellishments that pose problems for many cleaners but that is not the case for GreenEarth Affiliates, whose cleaning system is recognized as the safest and most reliable method available.

Increasingly customers are finding care labels that direct them to seek out the GreenEarth option for servicing their finer garments as clothing manufacturers are also recognizing the benefits of recommending GreenEarth.

GreenEarth now provides the manufacturers the most reliable cleaning system for their products increasing their serviceability and thereby increasing customer satisfaction by minimizing claims. At the same time, manufacturers are responding to the need to integrate sustainability into their business models.

GreenEarth is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition whose members account for more than 40% of the output of the global apparel industry, who now recognize the growing consumer demand for a focus on sustainability in the production and servicing components of their products.

GreenEarth customers can shop with confidence, that when they are greeted by their GreenEarth provider, their joyous outfits will also be received warmly.

Happy Holidays!

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