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Xeros Wins Environmental Awards for Laundry Appliances Using Bead Cleaning Technology »

Xeros, maker of low-water bead-cleaning laundry appliances, won two green innovation honors at Rushlight Awards 2013.

Xeros won the Rushlight Sustainable Manufacturing & Services Award and the Rushlight Environmental Management Award. The Environmental Management Award winner is chosen from the winners of five other Rushlight awards categories.

Xeros cleans clothes with very little water, using its own patented polymer beads. The cleaning system comprises a special washing machine, which releases the beads into the drum for cleaning and removing the beads from the clothes once cleaning is complete. The system is designed to use up to 80% less water, 50% less energy, and 50% less detergent compared to conventional washing, but also to deliver superior cleaning.

The technology launched into the commercial laundry market in late 2012, with initial sales to laundries in the UK and United States.

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