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  • What is GreenEarth Cleaning?
    GreenEarth Cleaning is an innovative and eco-friendly dry cleaning process designed to provide a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional dry cleaning methods. Unlike conventional methods that use harsh chemicals like PERC, GreenEarth Cleaning employs a silicone-based solvent which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This unique approach is not only gentle on your clothing but also reduces the environmental impact associated with dry cleaning. Your garments will come out cleaner, odor-free, and with no risk of shrinkage or damage to delicate fabrics. Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you're choosing a cleaning solution that's safer for our planet and the people who use it. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]
  • Is GreenEarth Dry Cleaning Safe?
    Absolutely! GreenEarth Dry Cleaning is renowned for its commitment to safety, both for your garments and the environment. Unlike traditional dry cleaning methods that use toxic chemicals like perchloroethylene (PERC), GreenEarth Cleaning employs a silicone-based solvent called D5, which is non-toxic and gentle on fabrics. Here's why it's considered safe: Non-Toxic Solvent: The key solvent in GreenEarth Cleaning, is non-toxic and doesn't produce harmful fumes or residues. This means there's no risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals for skilled dry cleaning professionals or the customer. Gentle on Fabrics: GreenEarth's gentle approach to cleaning ensures that your clothing items remain in excellent condition. Delicate fabrics, intricate trims, and embellishments are all well-preserved during the process. Environmentally Safe: The GreenEarth process is not just safe for you but also for the environment. The silicone-based solvent breaks down into harmless components—sand, water, and carbon dioxide—making it eco-friendly and reducing its impact on our planet. Certifications: GreenEarth Cleaning has received certifications and endorsements from reputable environmental organizations, highlighting its dedication to safety and sustainability. GreenEarth Dry Cleaning is a safe and responsible choice for cleaning your garments, prioritizing the well-being of both your clothes and the world around us.
  • Is liquid silicone safe for dry cleaning?
    Liquid silicone, specifically the type used in the GreenEarth Cleaning process, is considered safe for dry cleaning. GreenEarth Cleaning utilizes a silicone-based solvent known as D5, which is commonly referred to as "liquid silicone." Here are some reasons why silicone is safe for dry cleaning: Non-Toxic: Silicone is non-toxic, meaning it does not pose health risks to dry cleaning workers or customers. Unlike traditional dry cleaning solvents like perchloroethylene (PERC), which can be harmful when inhaled or absorbed through the skin, D5 is a safer alternative. Low Environmental Impact: Silicone is less harmful to the environment compared to many other dry cleaning solvents. It breaks down into benign byproducts, including sand, water, and carbon dioxide, when released into the environment. This reduces its impact on air and water quality. Gentle on Fabrics: Liquid silicone is known for being gentle on fabrics. It is less likely to cause damage, shrinkage, or color fading in clothing items, making it suitable for a wide range of garments, including delicate and valuable pieces. No Residual Odor: Clothes cleaned with silicone have no residual chemical odor, ensuring a pleasant and odor-free wearing experience.
  • How do I find a GreenEarth dry cleaner near me?
    To find a GreenEarth affiliate dry cleaner near you, simply visit our store locator portal, which is available [here]. Many of our affiliates maintain their own websites and proudly promote the GreenEarth difference. If you wish to encourage your local cleaner to switch to GreenEarth Cleaning, we encourage you to suggest they get in touch with us. We're here to support and expand our network of environmentally responsible dry cleaners.
  • General

  • Has GreenEarth Cleaning been scientifically tested?
    GreenEarth Cleaning has undertaken extensive scientific testing and research to ensure the safety and environmental profile of its cleaning system. Over $30 million worth of independent testing and research has been conducted on D5 liquid silicone, the key component of the GreenEarth Cleaning system. These tests were specifically designed to confirm that there are no risks to public safety resulting from its use in various applications, including dry cleaning. One significant study, the 2002 IFI Fellowship Study, compared the GreenEarth system to the industry-standard perc (perchloroethylene) system. The Independent Fabricare Institute (IFI) declared that the GreenEarth system was "as effective as perc with no environmental concerns." Independent waste stream and air exposure testing further validated that liquid silicone, as used in daily dry cleaning operations, exceeded all federal, state, and local requirements for water and air safety. Regulatory agencies, such as the California Air Resources Board (CARB), have also conducted extensive reviews of the scientific data on D5 silicone. CARB affirmed that GreenEarth's D5 silicone is an acceptable dry cleaning solvent alternative and concluded that its use in GreenEarth's patented dry cleaning process does not pose a risk to the public living near businesses using D5. Additionally, Environment Canada and Environment Australia conducted risk assessments, determining that the GreenEarth Cleaning process is not harmful to human health (2008) and that D5 is not considered harmful to the environment (2012). Ongoing testing and evaluation continue in Europe as part of GreenEarth's commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.
  • How is the cleaning power of GreenEarth Cleaning?
    GreenEarth Cleaning is renowned for its effective cleaning power, which is comparable to traditional dry cleaning methods. Here's how the cleaning power of GreenEarth Cleaning stands out:
    1. Gentle Yet Effective: GreenEarth Cleaning uses a silicone-based solvent that is both gentle on fabrics and highly effective in removing dirt, stains, and odors. It's tough on stains while being kind to your clothing items.
    2. Preserves Fabric Quality: One of the key advantages of GreenEarth Cleaning is its fabric-friendly approach. It helps extend the lifespan of your garments by reducing wear and tear that can occur with other cleaning methods.
    3. Versatile Cleaning: GreenEarth Cleaning can handle a wide range of fabrics, from delicate silks and lace to heavy coats and linens. This versatility ensures that all types of clothing and textiles can be effectively cleaned.
    4. Stain Removal: The GreenEarth Cleaning process is particularly effective in removing tough stains, including oil-based stains, which can be challenging for traditional dry cleaning methods.
    5. Odor Elimination: GreenEarth Cleaning leaves your clothes fresh and odor-free. It effectively removes common odors like smoke and food smells, ensuring your garments come back smelling clean and pleasant.
    GreenEarth Cleaning combines effective stain removal, gentle fabric care, and versatility to provide a high-quality cleaning process. It's known for its ability to clean a wide range of garments effectively while preserving their quality and appearance, making it a top choice for those who seek both cleanliness and garment care.
  • How does Greenearth compare to C02, Wet Cleaning and Hydrocarbon?
    GreenEarth Cleaning offers a unique and environmentally responsible dry cleaning solution when compared to CO2, wet cleaning, and hydrocarbon systems. Here's a breakdown of the differences: CO2 Cleaning: CO2 and 100% wet cleaning are recognized as excellent environmentally friendly choices but have limited adoption among dry cleaners. CO2 machines are expensive to operate, to the extent that they are no longer in production. Professional wet cleaning, while environmentally non-toxic, requires more labor and resources, making it challenging for dry cleaners to rely on exclusively. GreenEarth considers professional wet cleaning to be a complementary, eco-friendly method that can enhance the GreenEarth dry cleaning process in any shop, encouraging operators to utilize both methods for optimal results. Hydrocarbon Cleaning: Hydrocarbon solvent has been a popular alternative due to its affordability and familiarity in the industry. However, concerns have arisen regarding its environmental impact. Hydrocarbon is classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC) and can contribute to smog formation. It's not approved as a Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) material and may require cleanup if spilled. Like perc, hydrocarbon is also listed by the EPA as a neurotoxin and a skin and eye irritant for workers. Additionally, many hydrocarbon-based solvents on the market are blends, introducing the challenges of chemical blends, such as the need for stabilizers and deodorizers. GreenEarth's 100% pure D5 siloxane offers a stable, environmentally friendly alternative with a higher flash point. One notable advantage is that many machines designed for hydrocarbon solvents can also use GreenEarth's solution, allowing operators to transition to GreenEarth without the need to purchase new machines. GreenEarth Cleaning provides an environmentally responsible alternative that balances effectiveness with sustainability in the dry cleaning industry.
  • Affiliates

  • What is a GreenEarth Affiliate?
    A GreenEarth Cleaning affiliate is any dry cleaning business that licenses and uses GreenEarth's proprietary products to build a sustainable and eco-friendly dry cleaning operation. Here's what makes being a GreenEarth Cleaning affiliate so advantageous:
    • Environmentally Friendly Practices: GreenEarth Cleaning affiliates embrace the GreenEarth cleaning system, known for its non-toxic nature and natural breakdown in the environment. This ensures that no harmful residues are left behind, contributing to a cleaner planet.
    • Improved Garment Care: The GreenEarth Cleaning process, powered by a silicone-based solvent, is celebrated for its fabric-friendly approach. It not only extends the lifespan of clothing items but also excels in tackling stubborn stains while preserving the integrity of the fabric.
    • Marketing and Branding Support: GreenEarth Cleaning goes the extra mile by providing its affiliates with marketing materials and branding support. This includes leveraging the GreenEarth logo and materials to promote the environmentally sustainable cleaning process. Additionally, services such as website development and social media management are offered to help build and promote your business effectively.
    • Training and Support: Affiliates benefit from comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure they correctly and efficiently implement the GreenEarth Cleaning process. This support helps maintain the highest quality standards in garment care.
    • Environmental Responsibility: By choosing to become a GreenEarth Cleaning affiliate, dry cleaners align themselves with environmentally responsible practices. This commitment to sustainability becomes a valuable selling point that can attract environmentally conscious customers, fostering both business growth and environmental protection.

    Becoming a GreenEarth Cleaning affiliate not only elevates the quality of dry cleaning services but also champions a greener future, benefiting both business owners and the planet.

  • How many GreenEarth Affiliates are there?
    There are over 1800 GreenEarth affiliates worldwide, collectively operating more than 6000 retail points of location. This extensive network of eco-conscious dry cleaning professionals is a testament to the growing demand for environmentally responsible garment care and the positive impact GreenEarth affiliates are making in preserving our planet.
  • How should the waste generated by GreenEarth's activated clay be handled?
    When it comes to handling waste, it's crucial to follow your local regulations. However, with GreenEarth's unique cold filtration method, things are a bit different. The waste produced in this process is mostly solid or in powder form, and extensive lab tests have shown that it doesn't contain any hazardous materials. Because of this, many local municipalities allow GreenEarth cleaners to dispose of this filtration waste as regular solid trash, following standard disposal guidelines.
  • Will I still have to pay for waste disposal?
    With GreenEarth's innovative Activated Clay filtration process, you can expect a different approach to waste disposal. Unlike traditional cartridge filtration methods that produce liquid waste or cartridges containing liquid solvent, our Activated Clay Filtration generates solid waste. This distinction is significant because it allows many of our GreenEarth Members to apply for and qualify for disposing of their non-hazardous waste as regular trash. Furthermore, we are committed to assisting our members in the disposal process. We provide documentation that demonstrates the non-toxic nature of the waste generated, which can be invaluable in establishing the non-toxicity of the waste to your municipal disposal authority. This documentation can help leverage your efforts to dispose of the waste through your municipality's regular waste disposal channels, representing a substantial cost-saving compared to disposing of liquid waste or cartridge filters. So, in many cases, you may not have to bear the additional expenses associated with traditional waste disposal when using GreenEarth's Activated Clay filtration, thanks to our support in documenting its non-toxicity.
  • How do I convert to GreenEarth?
    To make the switch to GreenEarth Cleaning and enjoy the benefits of our eco-friendly cleaning system, here's a simplified guide: Step 1: Get in Touch
    • Start by filling out our request form to express your interest.
    • Our team will promptly reach out to discuss your specific needs and how GreenEarth can enhance your business.
    Step 2: Transition Planning
    • We'll assess your existing equipment to determine compatibility. Most Class IIIA machines are compatible with GreenEarth.
    • If necessary, we can assist you in sourcing a G-Series or Class IIIA Dry Cleaning machine.
    • We'll create a tailored transition plan that includes comprehensive training to ensure a smooth switch to GreenEarth.
    Step 3: Affiliation Agreement
    • Finalize the agreement details, covering financial terms and the support you'll receive as a GreenEarth Affiliate.
    Step 4: Getting Started
    • Receive GreenEarth-approved detergents, solvents, and training materials.
    • Launch your affiliation with GreenEarth using the provided marketing materials to promote your new eco-friendly approach.
    Step 5: Marketing Support
    • Explore customized digital and field marketing services to effectively reach your target audience.
    • Tailor your marketing strategy to attract environmentally conscious customers, emphasizing the GreenEarth difference.
    Step 6: Launch GreenEarth Difference
    • Officially begin operating as a GreenEarth Affiliate, implementing our eco-friendly cleaning methods.
    • Promote your GreenEarth affiliation to showcase your commitment to sustainability.
    Step 7: Ongoing Support and Growth
    • Stay in touch with GreenEarth for continuous support and guidance.
    • Utilize the provided resources to enhance your business operations and maintain GreenEarth's high standards for quality and environmental responsibility.
    By following these steps, you can seamlessly transition to GreenEarth Cleaning, benefit from our eco-friendly solutions, and attract environmentally conscious customers to your business. We are here to support your journey towards sustainability and success.
  • What machines are compatible with The GreenEarth Cleaning System?
    GreenEarth Cleaning is compatible with a wide range of dry cleaning machines, particularly those classified as Class IIIA machines. Class IIIA machines are typically designed to work with alternative solvents like GreenEarth's silicone-based cleaning solvent. Here are some types of machines that are commonly compatible:
    1. Class IIIA Machines: These machines are explicitly designed to work with alternative solvents like silicone-based solvents. Many Class IIIA machines are inherently compatible with the GreenEarth Cleaning system.
    2. G-Series Machines: GreenEarth has developed its own G-Series machines, specifically designed for use with the GreenEarth Cleaning system. These machines are optimized for efficiency and quality when using GreenEarth's eco-friendly solvent.
    3. Hydrocarbon Machines: Some hydrocarbon machines, which use a different type of solvent, can be converted or retrofitted to be compatible with the GreenEarth Cleaning system.
    4. Multi-Solvent Machines: Some modern dry cleaning machines are designed to work with multiple solvents, including silicone-based solvents like GreenEarth.
    It's important to note that the compatibility of a specific dry cleaning machine may depend on its age, design, and manufacturer. GreenEarth Cleaning can provide guidance and support to assess your existing equipment's compatibility or help you source a suitable machine if needed. Additionally, regular maintenance and proper machine care are essential to ensure optimal performance when using the GreenEarth Cleaning system.
  • What marketing services are offered to Affiliates?
    GreenEarth Cleaning offers a wide range of marketing services and materials to support our affiliates, including:
    • Promotional Materials:
      • Posters
      • Custom-branded products such as uniforms and items featuring the affiliate logo
      • Decals
      • Banners
      • Other field marketing materials
    In the digital marketing realm, our services cover:
    • Digital Marketing Services:
      • Website development and maintenance
      • Social media management
      • Brand reputation management on platforms like Google and Yelp
      • Email marketing campaigns
      • Professional graphic design services
    These resources are designed to help our affiliates effectively promote their businesses and connect with their target audiences in today's digital age.
  • What type of sales increase can I expect to see with GreenEarth Cleaning?
    When converting to GreenEarth Cleaning, the potential increase in sales can vary depending on several factors, including your location, marketing efforts, and customer base. While specific results may vary, here are some insights into the potential sales increases reported by GreenEarth Cleaning affiliates: Variability in Results: Affiliates have reported a wide range of outcomes. Some have experienced significant initial sales increases as high as 50-70%. However, it's essential to note that such high figures are not typical and may result from specific market conditions or exceptional marketing efforts. Consistent Marketing Impact: Affiliates who consistently promote their affiliation with GreenEarth Cleaning and the environmental benefits of their services have reported more sustainable sales increases. These increases often fall in the range of 10-25%. Customer Attraction: GreenEarth's eco-friendly approach can attract environmentally conscious customers who are willing to pay a premium for sustainable dry cleaning services. These customers may become loyal and contribute to long-term sales growth. Word-of-Mouth and Referrals: Satisfied customers are more likely to share their positive experiences and refer friends and family, contributing to organic sales growth. Competitive Advantage: Being a GreenEarth Cleaning affiliate can set you apart from competitors who still use traditional cleaning methods, potentially leading to increased market share. While there is no guaranteed percentage increase in sales, adopting GreenEarth Cleaning can positively impact your business's revenue. The extent of the increase will depend on your location, marketing strategies, pricing, and the receptiveness of your local customer base to eco-friendly services. It's essential to actively promote your GreenEarth affiliation and communicate the benefits to maximize the potential sales increase.
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