GreenEarth Cleaning


Fashioning The Future, With GreenEarth.

To learn more about providing better results for your brand, either download our guide to working with Brands and Manufacturers or contact our Sustainability Director, Garry Knox.

True Fact:  Cleaning in GreenEarth can lead to clothes lasting longer


Virtually any item can be cleaned in GreenEarth:
  • Beads, sequins and other paillettes
  • Ornamentation made of plastic, metal or glass Leather and fur or faux fur trims, sleeves and bodices
  • Vinyl, rubber, elastic, acetate, triacetate, polyeurethane, silk, natural skins and plasticizers
  • Sizing, specialty linings, fabric coatings and backings
  • Mixed construction of fibers and components
  • Vibrant colors and graphic prints
  • Antique and museum quality pieces

Problem Items are No Problem at All.

Virtually any item can be cleaned in GreenEarth. Garments made with specialty fibers, ornamentation and components are ideally suited for GreenEarth Cleaning. This is because liquid silicone is chemically inert, with very low surface tension and a much lower Kauri-Butanol Value (KBV) than petrochemical-based cleaning solvents.

Clothes Look Newer, Longer

Clothes will also look newer longer. Colors stay bright and vivid. Whites are whiter, and repeated cleanings won’t cause yellowing over time. And unlike other alternatives, GreenEarth doesn’t cause shrinkage. Clothes always retain their correct size and shape no matter how many times they are cleaned.

It’s What All the Best Dressed Clothes are Wearing

Manufacturers can trust that a GreenEarth licensed cleaner can care for their garments and customers without risk of damage. GreenEarth is actively working with retailers and manufacturers around the world to provide a sustainable solution to garment aftercare, that puts the customer first!

More Than a Solution, It’s an Opportunity

GreenEarth is the solution the industry has been looking for. With the influx of embellished styles, leather and faux leather components, coatings and finishes and other “problem items” damaged by both washing and traditional dry cleaning methods, more and more manufacturers are recommending the GreenEarth Cleaning method.

How GreenEarth Cleaning Works with Brands and Manufacturers

Facilitating testing on retailers’ behalf can help them determine how the garments will perform and more importantly contribute to a longer garment life. We help create customer and colleague communications that help the customer make the right decision when caring for clothes. We also work with subscription services and support retail ‘take back’ schemes, supporting a more circular approach to fashion going forward.

The FTC and care labeling standards

The FTC is currently looking at revising its guidelines, last updated over ten years ago, to better address the evolution of textiles and cleaning processes over the past decade.

Among the changes proposed by the FTC for its updated Care Labeling Rule is a new definition of dry cleaning. The FTC has always defined dry cleaning as using “organic solvents” however soon it will promulagate new wording that will enable it to recognize alternative solvents that are not petroleum-based, like GreenEarth silicone. The ASTM is also updating its care label symbols to include alternative solvents as well, and will soon issue new definitions for its circle P and circle F symbols that also recognize alternative solvents. Silicone will be recognized under the circle F symbol alongside hydrocarbon as a gentler alternative for clothing care.

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