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Making a Case for Sustainability

Making a Case for Sustainability


By: Joe Blaha

The message of enhancing sustainability should resonate within this industry and especially for the GreenEarth family.

Let’s face it, GreenEarth Affiliates all took a “leap of faith” when they moved away from the traditional solvents to GreenEarth silicone over the course of the last 15 years. The opportunity to walk with a growing list of forward thinking businesses by taking another positive step and recognizing that a more sustainable operational footprint is available to all our Affiliates.

The case seems pretty straightforward. By adopting activated clay filtration (ACF) as a replacement for the traditional cartridge with distillation system, a GreenEarth operator can bolster his sustainability profile beyond environmental stewardship and available recycling programs, while at the same time save real money. The savings can be significant…by realizing that the savings performance on a typical 50 lb. machine is greater than 5K per year.

Could this be too good to be true?

We believe strongly enough that those I speak with, who might be interested in joining the GreenEarth family, are educated about our unwillingness to approve machines whether new or to be converted unless they incorporate ACF. A big step forward in this requirement is the availability and affordability of the modular spin disc and decanter assembly which now can be added to all cartridge machines.

GreenEarth Cleaning has consistently brought a new message to this industry that has at its core the focus on sustainability.

For over fifteen years GreenEarth has pioneered advances in dry cleaning, leveraging the unique benefits and environmental safety of GreenEarth’s silicone solvent.

We recognize that various segments of the dry cleaning industry would like to question our emphasis on ACF.

The industry is confused because GreenEarth solvent is once again very different from its competitors. Every other solvent rightfully believes that filtration with distillation is required for the best quality cleaning; this is not the case for GreenEarth.

Why? Please take a look at the explanation in the flyer. Those that question our ability to clean effectively without distillation do not understand how GreenEarth cleans. It is not a mystery …just a unique property that is harnessed and sets GreenEarth apart from the pack again.

Where we see a great benefit to our Affiliates in producing bright odor-free textiles while lowering the expenses associated with utilities, additives, waste, cycle times, and machine design, others may see a challenge to what they have always believed.

GreenEarth Affiliates can be proud to be able to offer the most sustainable (and lowest cost) dry cleaning system in the world!

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