GreenEarth Cleaning

Welcome To The World Of Greener Cleaning!

MISSGUIDED is delighted to partner with GreenEarth Cleaning, by recommending that the cleaning of delicate, embellished and dry clean recommended garments be carried out using their patented sustainable dry cleaning solution which is

  • 100% non toxic to the environment
  • Significantly reduces the consumption of steam, water and electricity
  • Better for clothes and better for the environment
  • Uses over 50 percent less water and energy than other cleaning methods

For every customer who buys clothing, the main aim is for that piece to look great and last for as long as possible.

What Is GreenEarth Cleaning?

The GreenEarth® process uses pure liquid silicone, a safe natural by product of sand

An alternative to harsh petroleum based chemicals

It will not bioaccumulate or persist to produce any adverse effects to organisms in air, water, soil or sediments

How Do I Find A GreenEarth Store?

There are over 350 GreenEarth outlets in the UK with many of them offering online ordering.

To find out more about GreenEarth and to find your nearest store visit

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