GreenEarth Cleaning

The Most Sustainable Dry Cleaning System

The Most Sustainable Dry Cleaning System


By: Joe Blaha

Every day I have the pleasure of addressing the questions and concerns of prospects interested in learning more about the GreenEarth Cleaning Program and which then affords me the opportunity to also share the benefits inherent in the GreenEarth Cleaning System.

As with many opportunities, there are those who only embrace a portion of its potential benefits and are pleased to remain at that level as their expectations have been met. For those who want to derive the maximum, there needs to be an ongoing dialog and integration of the always expanding tools and resources that can continue to add value to the relationship.

An obvious example of technical and operational support can be seen in the enthusiasm of those who have embraced not just the GreenEarth Program but the Optimized GreenEarth Cleaning System as well, which is the most sustainable dry cleaning system available. It is not every day when the opportunity to save significant expense is matched with improved performance!

While there has always been an emphasis on offering operational benefits unique to GreenEarth, there is now available to all Affiliates a wealth of technical and operational expertise online and always just a phone call away from our technical team.

The reputation for GreenEarth offering an unmatched portfolio of marketing resources is well established but there is now an equivalent emphasis on providing Affiliates with unequaled technical and operational support. By careful analysis of questions and concerns from Affiliates around the world, we are perfectly situated to address nearly any technical concern related to all aspects of GreenEarth cleaning performance. Your calls are welcomed by our technical staff! There is no source better equipped in this industry to help optimize GreenEarth Cleaning performance.

The introduction of the GSeries Optimized Dry Cleaning machine has opened many eyes in our industry with data that demonstrates that GreenEarth Cleaning can now claim to offer the most sustainable (and lowest cost ) dry cleaning system in the industry. Even without taking the big step of purchasing new equipment is the good news that this technology is readily adaptable to most existing GreenEarth machines. The links here (ACF Brochure/GSeries brochure) will take you to brochures outlining the benefits of GreenEarth Activated Clay Filtration and the Gseries GreenEarth Optimized Machine now being offered exclusively to Affiliates.

As GreenEarth has pioneered the technical enhancements on the GSeries machines, we have also greatly expanded our knowledge on the optimization of cleaning with GreenEarth by offering specialized programs and ongoing support. If you are not already aware of all the latest developments and are ready to see the good news that is waiting for you, please contact us.

My direct office line is 816-944-3445 and I’d welcome the chance to discuss the scope of support that is available.

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